“Old School” Vs. “New School” Games

The Old school games that challenged us now challenge the New school

by Battledash

The games that debuted in arcades world wide  decades ago were such a challenge compared to the games of today, as Freddie Wong shows us the results and that “Harder is better” in his latest video installment.


  • Master Chief played by Ben M. Waller
  • Cortana played by Whitney Avalon
  • Altair played by Ronnie Shalvis
  • Lara Croft played by Leeanna Vamp
  • Nathan Drake played by Jessiah Ruiz
  • The Scout played by Clinton Jones
  • Leon played by Jack Conway

Kickin’ music by John Robert Matz. http://johnrobertmatz.com/


Battledash is editor and reporter for anime and news at geek entertainment site Battledash’s Anime Review. Follow him on Twitter at @Battledash